Puglia is a beautiful italian region, full of history, rural and agricultural, whose land is full of gastronomic gems. Almonds, tomatoes, wine, but also the oldest variety of Italian lemons, the famous "Femminello del Gargano" protected by a precious PGI. These lemons have been cultivated here since 1850. 

Introduced more than a thousand years ago in the Gargano Park, a wild peninsula located in the extreme northeast of Puglia, this particular lemon is known for its small size and is highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Its peel in infusion allows to extract strong aromatic notes, ultra fresh.
Harvested by hand since 1850 by the Ricucci family in Rodi Garganico, this lemon was exported by boat to the United States in the late 1800s! Today we are fortunate to be able to purchase these nuggets directly from this family, who grow organic citrus for our Limoncello on their land, surrounded by the sea.

Born after the rise of AMARETTO ADRIATICO, the first of the house BELLAVENTURA, MAMMA MIA LIMONCELLO is the little brother of this range of two unique products. Both are made with ingredients from the Puglia region in southern Italy. 
Much less sweet (2 times less on average), 100% natural, a long infusion of bark 3 weeks), no preservatives or coloring: our desire is to restore its letters of nobility to a product known worldwide but often overused.
As for the bottle, it has a special shape of "Dame Jeanne" reminding us of those superb giant bottles that were used to transport wines, oils and liquors during long sea voyages. Our label is made from recycled lemon pulp.
Moreover, MAMMA MIA has just arrived on the market and has already won numerous awards and blind tastings such as SAN FRANSISCO SPIRITS AWARDS TASTING AND AWARDS DESIGN (silver and gold), 2021 LONDON SPIRITS COMPETITION (silver), INTERNATIONAL WINE AND SPIRITS COMPETITION 2021 (gold), USA SPIRITS RATING 2021, SIP AWARDS 2021.